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Hi Mamas! 

My name is Laura Frances, and I'm the creator of Christian Writer Moms. 

A few facts about me:

I began writing as a career in 2013, and have since self-published a four book clean dystopian series and one non-fiction. 

For fours years, I lived with my family in sunny Japan, where I juggled life as a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, English teacher, and writer. 

I firmly believe we're stronger together. There's a reason scripture encourages gathering. Iron sharpening iron. Love between us. 

I want this site to be a place of solace for you, where you can find encouragement and advice as you walk the exciting, sometimes challenging, journey of a Writer Mom. 

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"It wasn’t easy transitioning to become a WRITER MOM. I struggled with everything from imposter syndrome to guilt...and still do at times. But as I sat at the dining room table one evening, hunched over a legal pad, scratching words at breakneck speed...I knew there was no going back. I was transfixed. Finding my voice. A voice I’d suppressed under years of insecurity and exhaustion.

My friend, if God has given you the green light, then hear me on this.

Close your eyes, block out the chaos for a moment and accept this truth.

We are all given gifts and passions to serve a purpose. (Ephesians 2:10) It matters that you love to write. It matters that you have something to say. Someone needs to hear the words trapped inside of you. To be a mom is to be a world-changer...but it’s okay if you’re called to do even more."

Mom life can be isolating in itself. Add to that a creative ambition like writing, and you're sure to feel the pressure. In this short read, I discuss my earliest years battling fear, draw on those experiences to find courage in writing, and strive to encourage Christian writing moms as you walk out your faith in both family and career.


I'm here for you! 

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