The beginning of something...

Written by Laura Frances

Here we are at the beginning of something, and I'm not sure how to start.

Does that sound familiar? I can't tell you how many times I've experienced this. So often we approach our keyboards with a vision for a project so meaningful, so important, we can feel it like a living thing pulsing through our blood.

Then we sit, lift the screen, and stare empty into the glow.

All the creativity that a moment before was reaching breach level grinds to a screeching halt. You can hear it, can't you? The screech. Like a thousand brakes...and tires sliding to a halt, no longer turning. No longer carrying you where you want to go.

This moment can be discouraging. But like so many other challenges that arise for a creative, it helps to change how you look at it.

This frustrating moment, when your mind goes blank at the start of something new, is nothing more than the deep breath before a marathon. The deliberate exhale and full expansion of your lungs to flood your body with oxygen before the gun goes off and you work your body into a rhythm.

Clear everything out. Instead of fighting the momentary stillness in your mind, embrace it. Close your eyes, whisper a prayer, and smile. You're about to do something that matters.

Maybe it will matter for all the people who will one day read it. Maybe it's for your family...or just you. For your growth as a writer. Maybe...hopefully...this exercise in creativity will draw you closer to God in the process.

Now that I've found my rhythm, let me share with you my heart for this blog.

My heart is Jesus, and His light in us, shared with one another as a community of Writer Moms...and with the world through our work and creativity.

My vision is a community. This isn't meant to be my own voice at the forefront. Success, for me, will be all of our voices joining together with a common lift each other up.

There are things we have in common. We are all writers and mothers and women of faith. But there are so many more factors that make your own adventure unique. And THAT is what we're here for. For the edifying nourishment that comes from Writer Moms of all walks of life sharing their experiences as they chase the dream God has placed in their hearts.

I'll wrap this up, because I like to keep things short. :)

I encourage you to browse through the posts that are already up! And when you get that nudge to share from your own Christian Writer Mom life, visit the SUBMISSIONS page to get started!

I can't wait to hear from you! I can't wait to promote your work and watch as your contributions to the blog serve to encourage and support one another.

I'm saying a prayer for you now, that you'll have joy and peace today. (This is being published in the midst of the pandemic. I hope and pray you are well. Let me know how I can pray for you specifically.)

Remember, He has given us everything we need for a godly life (2 Peter 1:3) and that includes fulfilling the desires the He's placed in you. He finishes His work (Philippians 1:6), so if you're following His lead...have faith in His promises.

Until the next,



Laura Frances grew up a shy thing, always daydreaming. She is now the author of the Slave series, a clean, dystopian story. Residing in midwest America as a wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and writer, Frances strives to convince others through the art of storytelling that they can do the things they think they can't.

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